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In memory of the lovely Faith.


Tipo was kept in a rabbit cage with eight other pigs of mixed sexes.  She had a slight Fungal Infection problem, mites and Vit C deficiency as did all her cage mates.  This was quickly cleared up and and she went from strength to strength. Tipo and her daughter Pippa are now happily rehomed.


Tipo a few weeks after arriving at the rescue and almost ready to go to her new home. Which just goes to show that piggies need very little to keep them happy and healthy. A good diet and plenty of straw/hay for bedding and not overcrowding them and you have a happy healthy piggy.


This is just a few of the wounds on Panda Pig. He has many more due to scratching as he was so badly infested with mites, he also had the start of Fungal Infection. He was fitting badly when he came into the rescue and needed strong medication to stop the fits and itching.


Three weeks later and Panda Pig is looking much better. Won't be long until he can be rehomed. Just a little TLC can achieve amazing results.



This little sow came in with really bad fungal Infection and mites. She was in a lot of pain, fitting badly and very depressed. 3 weeks later after intensive treatment she is starting to improve. The hair is growng back but it will take several weeks for her to be back to her full glory. Watch this space for updates.



This is her 3 weeks later, who could resist that little face? We have decided to call her Whimsie and she will be kept at the rescue as a Sponsor pig, unless a very special knowledgable home can be found for her.  I am hopeful of a full recovery for her but like all badly, fungally infected pigs, they can suffer from flare ups and odd symptoms at any time.


This little girl is around 4 months old and has had a litter of stillborn babies. She has been left with a calcium and Vit C deficiency. We have decided to call her Merry as it is so close to Christmas and she is a happy little one despite not being able to use her back legs. She is being syringe fed as she is too weak to eat enough on her own. We are hoping to see a big difference in Merry in the next couple of weeks. The pic shows how wasted her backend is. 11/12/05


This is Merry one week on, she has gained 4 ounces and is having physio to strengthen her back legs. Instead of pulling herself along and sort of shuffling her back legs she is now actually walking...very wobbly but walking. We are still restricting her movements as we do not want any strains or sprains at this point as it would set her back quite a while.20/12/05


This little piggy arrived for a checkup and stayed on at the rescue as he was so unwell. He could not walk, was extremely underweight, weighing just 7 oz's at 8 weeks old.He was suffering from lack of Vitamin C and malnutrition. He arrived on the 30th of March 2004 and a fortnight later is doing well and weighs in at 10 1/2 oz's.He could only take 1ml of food at a time during the first few days as he was so weak, he was fed every hour day and night for the first four days and then it was slowly reduced to three hourly feeds. Now he is on twice daily supplementary feeds. It has been a hard struggle for Sweetie Pig (his Nickname) and I to get him to this stage but so worthwhile to see him looking so well and running around like a mini pig should. He will have a permanent limp in his left hind leg but this should not bother him greatly.


Having a feed.


Sweetie Pig as he is now at 10weeks old.


Sweetie Pig as he is today. He has been renamed Titch by his new owners. Take a bow Janet. Titch is now 8 months old and Janet says "He is a very cheeky, lively boy".

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