The Big Rescue. One Year On

The Big Rescue. One Year On
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All of the piggies on this page are from last years Big Rescue . This is pictures of them one year on. Many of them you can see on the pages dealing with the Big Rescue. To all those who rehomed these piggies a Big Thank You for caring and for staying in touch.


Harly has a Nickname as he is such a naughty boy. He is called Harly ASBO. Doesn't he look well though! Harly and his brother Fergal were tiny babies, thin and dirty with little spots of fungal on them when they first came in.


Fergal, brother to Harvy ASBO is looking really well too, he is the quieter of the two and just wants a peaceful life and cuddles. What a handsome chap he has grown into.


This is Smudge and Midge. Smudge is not a big rescue piggy, Midge definately is and what a sorry state he was in. Really bad fungal, semi starved but what a fighter. Sadly his brother Lofty died very suddenly not long ago. Enter Smudge who took to Midge immediately. Midge has grown into a very friendly wee lad and is a much loved wee boy. I see both piggies regularly for worming, claw clipping and health checks.


Meet Margot, formerly known as Toots. This wee girl was hand reared as her mother just could not feed her. I bonded really strongly with this wee one and it was a sad day when she left. I am so lucky that her owner stays constantly in touch and Margot's many escapades make me laugh. She has a spoiled lifestyle with her friend and co conspirator.


Maisie, formerly known as Hermione was one of the first piggies to come out of the tourist attraction. Her and her babies were covered in mites,dirt  and were very hungry. She responded quickly to good food and clean surroundings. I was delighted when Chrissie at Gorgeous Guineas offered her a home. She looks so amazingly well and happy.


Just look at Frisky, one of the prettiest little girls ever. Who would think that she had such a struggle with Fungal from a few days old.A real rags to riches story this one. A really loving little girl according to her new mum.


Can you guess who this is? This is Brie, just look at the difference in her. Her pic is on the Rescue page showing off her badly fungaly infected face and body. It took weeks and weeks to get this little one healthy and then she had to stay on just to make sure that she was perfectly fit. Bries owner  says "She is never still." Along with Frisky, Brie has to be  a lucky, lucky piggy.


Sisters and friends, through thick and thin.
Brie and Frisky, two more lucky little ones to have a loving caring home. 


Pagan and Salom turned out so different to what we thought. There was no sign of  Pagan ever being a Sheltie but just look at that coat. Both piggies are lovely natured to this day and still best friends.


Another picture of Pagan and Salom, showing off Pagans super Sheltie coat.  Salom patient as ever waits in the background while his brother is admired.


This is Mellow who came into the rescue looking totally bedraggled, her hair was so sparse that she was almost bald, only a few tufts here and there with a sprinkling of very fine hairs on her body. We thought she was going to be a semi long haired pig but it just grew. Her owner has to keep her trimmed. Beautiful.


This is Emm who was rehomed with Mellow. Emm was also almost bald when she arrived, sufering from mites and like most of the others malnutrition. Today she is a happy healthy piggy much loved by her owners and she also gets on well with the other piggies in the family.


Jinty has stayed on at the rescue because she will not accept other piggies. Also her parents died from heart attacks so it seemed unfair to  move Jinty on. We are hoping to pair her up with a neutered boar in the next week. Jinty is a Chubatastic piggy and we hope her Husband (if she accepts him) will chase her enough to make her lose a little weight.


Hovis was one of the last litters to be born from the Rescue sows. He was rehomed twice before being paired with Fudge.(we thought about calling him Boomerang, he came back so often) Fudge was a blessing and Hovis loved her right from the start though he could no longer leave babies, it didn't deter him one bit. Here you can see him having some floor time with Fudge peeping out from behind.


This is Baby, from one of the earlier litters. She always was a pretty little one and looks really superb now. She did have fungal ears as a tiny wee one but recovered from it quickly. She still looks as mischevious as ever too!


This is Beth who arrived very thin and careworn, she had mites and responded quickly to treatment, good food and to just having one piggy companion. A year on and she is looking happy and contented in her new home. 


Rosie is Beths' friend and companion, she was in a similar state to Beth when she arrived at the Rescue. She had the same treatment as Beth and responded very well to the quieter environment. A very pretty piggy.


Here is Midge celebrating his First Birthday. A surprise party was laid on for him . Here you can see him looking at his cucumber Birthday cake and his card from Smudge. Happy Birthday Midge, I hope you had a lovely day. Look forward to seeing you and Smudge soon. 


This is Rollo and Smokey. Rollo was in quite a mess with mites when she arrived and also ringworm. She was very thin and stressed too. Luckily for Rollo she was one of the first to arrive at the rescue and while it took a wee while to get her better she did really well from the start.Here you can see that her bad start has not held her back and she is a cheeky happy girl now


This is Lucy, I cannot believe the change in her. We knew she was going to be long haired but wow, she has turned into a beauty. To think that she was skin and bone with a few tufts of very dry hair when she arrived. A true 'ugly duckling to beautiful swan' story. Then again I think the same thing can be said of any neglected piggy, once it is healthy again. Lucy you are a credit to your new mum, just look at the shine on your coat!


I thought it would be interesting to add a picture of Lucy half way through her treatment and recovery. You would not credit that it was the same piggy. I had no idea that she would turn out to be a full blown Sheltie piggy, just as I had no idea that Mellow above would turn into the Diva that she is. A little good basic care, wholesome food and look what happens!


This is Daisy who lives with Lucy above. She is a stunning looking piggy now that she has matured. Like all the other piggies from the Tourist Attraction she was sorely neglected and was very bad with mites. Overcrowding also took its toll on all those piggies as they had to fight over what little food was on offer. Daisy you are a very pretty girl.


Meet Hector who has grown into a lovely chunky cheeky boy. Hector or Harry as he was formerly known is one lucky piggy. He is very spoiled in his new home and looks the picture of health and happiness. Another very happy ending for a little piggy.


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